The Issue with Creativity

Creativity, the act of making amazing things and surrendering yourself to the influences of universe, was at least for me, one of the things I woke up everyday to experience. I always had something innovative I could do with a tissue box  or something I just HAD to write down into a story. It was not only natural for me, but it was something I loved, because I knew there would be people who would be able to feel the same way upon experiencing my creations; there would be people who would take the time and understand.

Lately, it’s been just the opposite, which is probably why I haven’t found the motivation or energy to create a blog post about anything for a very long time.

So why have I decided to do one today?

Well, I woke up today to find the most blue sky ever and the most vibrant painted leaves of autumn.

“The sun is out and I feel like I have so much potential”

I felt refreshed, but I had a feeling that it would be temporary, so I decided to spare some of all of the new energy I have into making a blog post to address this issue before I run out of the necessary resources to.

Let me get some things straight by stating a few things I think contributes to the issue with creativity(of course…. I’m not exactly sure if I can point out the exact source just yet, but here goes..)

And also, they are not all my ideas(although a bunch are)… I’ve had some great teachers 😀

  1. The Education System
  2. Success in society

The education system is something that strives towards objectives with a lack of regard to the natural person. It is a system that is meant to organize information by converting elements such as ability, thinking, and creating into synthetic material such as statistics, which puts such a massive weight or focus on teachers, handlers of all those delicately natural features, to try to make up the most “accurate” summary of a person’s ability.

As I’ve learned in mathematics, you gotta compare apple to apple. Creatures to numbers is a bit of a stretch…

I read this wonderful book called “Scythe” recently. In the book there is a “perfect” society in which death is conquered, so as a result, Scythes, a division of people that are supposed to appeal to the highest moral values, are chosen to kill people without bias in order to maintain the civilization and prevent overpopulation. A few things are emphasized about scythes:

  1. They are NECESSARY
  2. They are for the better good of humanity
  3. They are in charge of the task of putting someone to death

So if a perfect society is one where death is conquered, why must it be necessary for the good of humanity to put someone to death?

Teachers are much like Scythes, because of they are necessary(people need to be educated to live well in society today), they are for the better good of their students, yet they deal with the conversion of living things’ abilities into synthetic data.

To make it work, they must have a serious respect for the natural process and elements of the living, which is so hard to do because the teachers themselves are under the pressure of their unions or organization(I don’t know too much about this.. but I have a feeling that this is correct) to complete curriculum and to finish marking and to assign percentages to their students.

There is so much pressure on everyone to make a system like this work. So much that seems… strange that I smell something fishy. Who is(are) the bastard(s) who is(are) playing with us, their little video game characters?!

See… a problem with life is that it can be held against you. It’s seen as a possession, an owing to society.

And Success in society… that was the second thing I was going to talk about right?(scrolls up*) Oh Yeah..!

There are a few things I don’t really understand about people and how they view success. To make it easier to organize, here’s another list:

  1. The necessity of hard work
  2. Fear of the subjective

So starting with hard work. Why must this be a requirement for people? I think it’s important to develop the patience to do tasks, but not without regard to things that put people in the right place to be able to work hard..etc. I’ve heard WAY TOO MANY inspirational speeches that take an easy way out by just mentioning practice or hard work as the whole solution. Nobody mentions how to get into the state of being able to work hard except to keep trying.

Here’s the thing about trying to gain anything… muscle mass, skill, patience…etc. you don’t just approach the task head on and keep ramming yourself against the wall. You gotta do things a bit differently each time.

In physics, there is a rule that if the same forces in the same circumstance act in the same way, you are going to get the same product, solution… whatever. Now, I know there are always factors that are changing so you might be thinking that my stating of this rule really doesn’t apply, but don’t always be thinking in absolutes.

“There are always possibilities, because there are more cards in play than can be seen”

My point is that it is important to learn how to observe things and use our energy economically and efficiently while maintaining a more free mind. Sometimes, you may have already accomplished the task without your realization of it.  A quote I found from a lot of different books on health in the library:

“You don’t need to be a cardiologist to have a working heart”

A lot of the times, people are just trying to get the work done. They are deprived of space and of freedom to reflect or think about their own circumstances(troubles, contradictions, problems, happiness…etc). Some people just feel trapped. Persistence in hard work(if the goal is trying to get your life back…because it can be held against you), values of speed of completion, time management… sometimes are just as easy way out of hard things.

Now, the last point I was going to bring up in this category(Success in Society) is about the fear of the subjective, but it ties in with the overall topic more than that category, so I might as well just incorporate the two.

Okay, we got a job, we got money rolling in, we are surviving, we have a house, we have enough to pay off tax, loans, whatever… We turn to objectives to organize our life. As mentioned before, objectives can be pretty far from the truth. So why don’t we turn to the subjective?

WAIT NO! That’s going to be ANARCHY!!! Things have to be organized or we are going to be in great danger!

A few questions:

  1. What makes art subjective?
  2. Is art supposed to be subjective?

According to google, subjective means: based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions

Art is subjective because many of us have different reactions to different things we see.

The second question is a bit harder… lets break it down into some smaller categories

  1. Greatness of art
  2. Experience of art

Greatness of art is not subjective in that it is not merely an opinion if it is great. It is great because there is the existence of subjectivity about it; it brings forth the most powerful experiences out of its genius.

I hate the play Macbeth! It sucks!

Cool. Your opinion doesn’t make it less great. Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth stood the test of time. Do you think you can compete?

To conclude, because I’ve been rambling for a very very long time. I’m not even sure that we can support the amount of creativity needed to make huge masterpieces or works. It’s our culture, something everyone is almost always at the mercy of.

I’m  not sure I can offer a solution for the system, or for anyone else but myself at this point. This is a work in progress. I will continue this brainstorm in the future…


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