The Amhnu

My sister climbing a tree

Hi, this is just a reflection on a lot of things. It was originally made for an assignment at school about relationships, but it kind of transformed. I won’t say too much about it before. There are some allusions to the bible, but please don’t take it as a description of who I am. I chose things based on their symbolic definition, and their spiritual symbolism, but also as metaphors for some personal and learned (my teachers pointed out to me) observations. I didn’t proofread it super thoroughly, but enjoy!

Naturo’s garden bursted with different varieties of plants, from luscious greens, blooming pinks and yellows, to cosmic blues, deep purples, and others, who proudly stand with multiple swirls of colour. Gredus sat on a stone bench, legs crossed, looking into the distance. He stroked his beard, combed his fingers through his hair, which was short on the sides and longer on the top, and positioned his top hat from beside him onto his head. He had a big gold watch, which showed he could tell time, and combined with his whole attire, accentuated an air of sophistication. He was taking some time to think. Soon, after several hours, he sprouts a small smile. It disappears as he hears Naturo’s footsteps coming into vicinity.

“Gredus, how are you?”

“I’m alright, just enjoying being surrounded by your beautiful plants”

Naturo decides to sit on a bench beside Gredus and looked at him with eyes, a medium size, but which contained a galactic glare. Gredus shuddered. It was almost as if he was looking into the void, an unquantifiable power. Nonetheless, he collected himself and made his proposal.

“I’m in awe of how you were able to sustain such life. I would love the chance to give it a try, although I cannot compare to your greatness. I have an idea for a new nature, would I be able to try my hand?”

Naturo looks away for a second and focuses on a point in the distance, before looking back at Gredus.

“Of course, give it a try”

Gredus thanked Naturo graciously, and left to his lab. When he left, Naturo shook his head. He already knew what was to follow, yet he also was aware of his own incapability to prevent it.

Days of research and experimentation finally yielded – for Gredus – a satisfactory result, an alternate nature infused with drops of his own blood, something he named “Amhnu”. With the permission, of Naturo, he dropped his nature onto a planet and watched eagerly for their transformations.

The Amhnu took form as individuals and wandered the planet curiously and fearfully. They jumped at every sound and movement. When they found each other, they attached themselves into groups and clung on to one another in times of danger. Gredus was fascinated, and he felt himself have a bond with them, wanting to protect his creatures, in which would grow his children.

Throughout years, decades, and eventually centuries, Gredus watched his Amhnu grow and develop relationships and colonies. He began seeing some competing with each other for land and resources, some collaborating on giant artistic masterpieces, some avoiding others and developing their preferences, some trading belongings and negotiating using their own languages, and some helping others in need. In awe of his creation, Gredus began dropping shiny objects onto the planet as gifts, even dismantling some of the parts of his gold watch to drop into the earth inside rare caves and among rocks. As he noticed his Amhnu discover them excitedly, he felt encouraged to decorate the world with more pieces from his watch, until all he had left was the timepiece. With their obsession over the sparkles, the Amhnu began collecting other materials: wood from trees, stones, plants and almost any other thing they could find. Once afraid, they were beginning to take charge of their planet, growing more and more attached to their lifestyles.

Naturo sensed this and with his calm hand, emotionlessly unleashed plagues of illness and natural disasters, almost as if he, by his own hand, could not even prevent it from happening. Soon, however, Gredus’ children began to sprout in some locations, despite Naturo’s interference, and Gredus loved them. He wanted them to grow bigger, to achieve greater feats, to win greater battles and to have more and more. This was how, he thought, he would live happily ever after.

In his own, quiet ways, Naturo warned Gredus of their straining relationship. Without opening his mouth to speak, he communicated the horrors of what would follow through the winds and forces of the environment, which relentlessly bent everything to its gravity. He reminded the Amhnu of the futility of their ways of life, and rebelled from being a slave to their demands. By his unwavering demand, he forced them to accept their fate or to respect their relationship. The universe was all power.

For Gredus, who desperately now tried to avoid Naturo, there was a trembling of fear on a visceral level. His stomach could not amass the strength to ponder the existence of the void, and the mysteriousness of the supernatural. He was a man of men, and that in his mind was thorough and complete. So, still he encouraged his children to grow and to conquer greatness. And through that, the Amhnu tried to conquer nature.

If the issue was to conquer, there would be no use, as, for the Amhnu, in their state of denial, have already achieved conquering. They have conquered themselves, disconnected themselves from their reality. There was no conquering in the universe, for what only exists is a permanent juxtaposition of something and nothing; that which exists, and that which does not. Naturo was, at once, all conquering (something) and all accepting (nothing) and the world, is but a citizen of the universe.

When the Amhnu were running all over, in a desperate Anarchy, Gredus finally broke his silence with Naturo, and tries to apologize, beg for forgiveness, and to pray for Naturo to make things better again. But survival on the planet was simply hopeless without a collaboration with the planet and so he was forced to watch his Amhnu die by fire, water, ice, wind, and earth.

At last, when all was gone, Gredus sat in his laboratory, defeated. His face was red from frustration, regret, and sadness. On his desk, the gold timepiece laid, ticking away like a time bomb, against the rhythm of his breath. Upon hearing Naturo’s footsteps in the garden, he left to apologize to his master.

When he came, Naturo was sitting on a stone bench in the midst of a group of fig trees, which showered him with shade, snacking on some wild blueberries from the bushes. Trembling with guilt and fear, Gredus approached Naturo and bowed his head.

“Greetings, Gredus, what brings you here?”

“I have come, with a heavy heart, to say sorry”

Naturo reached for a fig in the tree and gave it to Gredus.

“I forgive you, Gredus. I can’t have it any other way. It’s now to you to forgive yourself. Come, sit beside me.”

He did, and Naturo gestured towards all of the plants around them.

“We sometimes don’t have a choice for certain things, but we still have plenty to appreciate about the world.”

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