Reflecting on Grade 11 and Summer Bucket List

I cannot believe that grade 11 finished, but more so at how happy and excited I feel right now! I am super duper excited for the summer! In fact, a couple days ago, I was running around the house while waving my arms around like a crazy maniac. Also, I am perfectly fine with being a crazy person…. so THERE!!!!

So many things happened this year.  To list a few…

  • I found out I had anxiety
  • I thought that life was boring
  • Santa Claus gave me a hair straightener
  • My math teacher liked my math project
  • I survived physics class
  • I made some new friends
  • I developed an appreciation for puns
  • I saw a counselor for the first time(to help me with my mental health)
  • I discovered that I wasn’t being honest with myself
  • My teachers supported me and they actually care!!!!
  • I felt incredibly guilty when two of my teachers accepted late work and didn’t take off marks.
  • I gained back a friendship with my mom
  • I drew a portrait all by myself
  • I got to stay in touch with one of my teachers on social media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I looked through the yearbook and found a deep competitive energy looking at the sports teams: Now I want to play basketball a lot!!!
  • I discovered that I shouldn’t wait for a certain time(like the weekends for example) in order to allow myself to feel free and happy.
  • I stopped procrastinating in my piano practicing
  • and I became immensely hopeful for my future!

So what should I do during the summer? hmmmmmm

  • Enroll myself in a basketball summer camp.
    • Does anyone want to play basketball with me??????
  • I’m going to the Orford music academy in Quebec
    • I’ll try to practice my french and get inspired by others
  • I’m going to get a haircut at least once
  • Reach out to connect with friends
  • Draw a portrait of someone I find cool
  • Attempt to start a conversation with my teachers
  • Go to the beach to just chill
  • Write a bunch of random things on my blog
  • Do some research and support an important cause
  • Study some vocab
  • Go to downtown Vancouver
  • Listen to some classical music
  • ……etc..e..t.c..e.t.c.e.t..c…e….t…………c

So as you can see, I have lots of plans for the summer! The only thing is that my mom wants me to spend August studying for the SAT. Oh well. I guess I can’t do EVERYTHING I want. Whatever.


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