My Experience at the Orford Music Academy

Dear Diary,

I have been at the Orford Music Academy for a week now and it’s got to be one of the best weeks of my life!

I was incredibly nervous during my trip to get here last Sunday morning. I was also very very excited! When I boarded my plane to get to Montreal, I remember thinking to myself that this was going to be a very important week as it was my first time staying a week from home by myself for something music related! I was crying(as usual) on the flight at how amazing the opportunity would be to meet other students, professors, and have so many chances to do cool things like perform for others. I’m such a crybaby sometimes, but I can’t help it!

When I arrived at the airport, I hoped so much that things would go smoothly. I hoped that my luggage would come, that I would survive the trip, and that I would be able to find the shuttle that would take me to Orford. Everything went very smoothly!

When I got there, I unpacked in my dorm and I explored the whole campus; There was a practice building, a concert hall, a bistro(cafeteria), dormitories, and lots of trees and bugs.

There was a lot that happened! A brief summary in point form, because there were just too many things that happened

  1. I met my roommate, and she was so polite and friendly(thank goodness).
  2. The heat was definitely on! It was over 30 degrees the past few days and we had no a/c in the dorms.
  3. I practiced in the practice building a lot!
    1. There were mainly upright pianos there, but there were grand pianos in some rooms.
    2. My favorite piano was this concert Steinway grand, because I really liked its sound. Unfortunately, the white part of the keys were broken off in some places in the middle and it scratched me.
    3. I practiced more than I practice in a month probably! I was never focused on the time so I can’t tell you how much….or even approximately how much.
  4. I broke down into tears in some sort of panic attack(I think?) at a masterclass and realized that I needed to change my way of thinking.
  5. I made a lot of friends and discovered a faith in humanity!
  6. I read a book called the “Inner Game of Tennis”. SUCH A GOOD READ!!!! I RECOMMEND IT!
  7. I got a lot of mosquito bites.
  8. I realized that I was more prepared than I thought I was!
  9. I went hiking with a bunch of people and we took a bunch of pictures.
  10. I roasted marshmallows and hot dogs on the camp fire at night. SO GOOD!
  11. I watched a student concert in the concert hall(I was too unsure of myself to even ask whether I could perform).
  12. I barely got much sleep, but I’m fine with it!
  13. I went on a ride with my professor (for the week) to Magog and we had a nice conversation about life.
  14. I feel like I should go to the gym.
  15. I am writing on my blog right now.

There are definitely more cool things that happened this week, but I feel like I’m so in it right now! So….. I’m just going to go to the gym later……..

I’M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so cool!



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