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Don’t Focus on Results: Persuasive Speech

This was something I wrote for class at school. Not sure if it’s helpful to anyone, but… just some ideas for your reference. Some ideas are inspired by Gallwey’s book “The Inner Game of Tennis”. My ideas are still evolving! The following is just a record of how I thought during a certain period of time!

I was in fourth grade and I was really excited. It was parent teacher conferences and I wanted to show my mom all the cool things I had done so far in class. Together, we walked into the classroom and I eagerly pointed out which projects I had made on the walls. “This is some art I made, this is my ‘all about me project’” I looked at her face, anticipating seeing her beautiful smile, but instead, I saw disappointment. When it was finally our turn to talk to the teacher, it was revealed to my mom that I had gotten a couple of B’s and maybe even a C plus in one of my courses. Realizing that my mom was not in the best of moods, I began to get nervous.

When we arrived at home, she opened up to me about how she felt. She told me that my writing was messy, that my grades were bad and that she had expected much more from me. I felt ashamed, disappointed in myself, and scared of the consequences I might have to face.

Then, I noticed her voice get shaky.

Tears rolled down her face.

My mother was crying. I had never seen her cry before.

As immigrants, my parents came to Canada with nothing and had to fight for the means to survive. They wanted me to be successful in everything that I did so I wouldn’t have to face what they had to face.

At an early age, it was established for me that success was the result of obtaining the best results. My parents have clarified to me that that wasn’t the whole story, but for a while, it was.

Whether that’s getting good grades and earning the means to survive or meeting deadlines, finding our passions, finding happiness, meeting beauty standards and much more, it’s clear that there many things to be obtained.

But to live a life that revolves around obtaining results does not necessarily produce the best results and the ones most true to ourselves. To achieve those ends, it’s better to not focus solely on results.

The question of survival -the outcome of life or death- is undoubtedly important.

I am not asserting that we should ignore the importance of such crucial outcomes or overlook the natural desire to stay alive, but rather, that focusing on outcomes might not always be the most effective means of reaching them.

For those of you who are familiar with NBA history, you might have heard of the time Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets scored thirteen points in the last thirty-five seconds of the fourth quarter against the San Antonio Spurs and won his team the game (uhmean). He scored 4 three point shots -one of which turned into a four-point play- and he hit them down one after another whilst being fiercely defended -sometimes by multiple players from the other team (uhmean). Most amazingly, when asked about how he did it after the game, McGrady responded to the interviewer, “I’ve never been a part of anything like this, so you gotta excuse me” (uhmean ). It seems incredible that he wasn’t aware he did anything deliberately or differently to cause himself to achieve that feat; it just kind of happened.

In my musical studies, I’ve noticed a trend. In performances when I try the hardest to play and when I feel the most anxious about results, I tend to play the most poorly, but in my best performances, when I feel most in-tune with the music and when my fingers surprise me with technique I hadn’t encountered during practice, I’ve noticed something similar to what McGrady experienced: some element of not worrying about my ability to reach the results and not trying to control the outcome.

When something is extremely important to us (in these pressing situations -survival), we obsess over it and we try to do everything in our power to obtain it. We hope that through giving our all and spending all that energy, we will more able to reach our goals.

What Tracy McGrady shows us is that perhaps we can do more when we don’t come in the way of ourselves with our own judgments and expectations. Perhaps the key to accessing the best results is letting go and giving ourselves the freedom to do what we can do.

In cases when what we are looking for is more subjective, sometimes, it’s not solely about reaching the outcome, but finding the right one. Part of being in a group -being a part of society- is being subject to group influences, meaning that it’s possible that our goals may be misguided.

Christele Perrot is an example of someone who pursued and obtained what she thought she needed to have to be happy (Perrot). At the age of 31, she had the “picture perfect” life: she had a masters degree in finances at the university Paris Dauphine, she started her professional life working at a recognized investment bank, she was married for life at age 25, and at the same time, she had three children (Perrot). A life, as she put it, “toute tracée” -all drawn out (Perrot). But starting in July 2001, she started noticing symptoms of illness, which she ignored as a first reaction, attributing them to just being a normal part of life as a young professional (Perrot). She started getting chest pains, exhaustion, and everything deeply bothered her (Perrot). After suddenly collapsing one day, she was diagnosed with burnout and depression, and spent three months in bed with antidepressants, anxiolytics, and sleeping pills (Perrot).

What society deems is important, is not necessarily accurate. The outcome of being married, having children, and being quite established in her professional life promised Christele happiness and fulfillment not immobilization in a bed for three months with burnout and depression. She was so caught up in the pursuit of the picture perfect lifestyle that she lost touch with the reality that she was getting very ill, and that her heart was not happy.

Outcomes can be only superficial representations of our desires. If we lose touch with ourselves in the pursuit of results, we will never know what we really need, and what we really want.

We live in an age marked by the desire of perfection -or rather, because humans are imperfect, results that are perfect enough. At work, we are demanded to put in our very best -to meet deadlines, and to keep ourselves systematically and robotically busy to fulfill the requirements of our jobs. When we complete a day of work and feel a little bit hungry, we go to grocery stores, and pick out some fruit shaped perfectly enough to meet our expectations, a bag of chips whose flavour was the perfect enough result of food engineering, a bottle of pop half-off that would be perfect enough to quench our thirst. We go home and we sit in the perfect-enough comfort of our couch with our snacks and look at our phones in hopes of instant satisfaction. A life focussed on results -working enough, eating enough, relaxing enough- is one that can either be perfect enough or not: successful or not.

Unless we change our perceptions, we will never be able to free the extent of our capabilities, and discover what is truly meaningful to us.

When we focus too absolutely on outcomes, we lose sight of the natural ability and imperfect beauty that is part of being who we are: human.


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The Issue with Creativity

Creativity, the act of making amazing things and surrendering yourself to the influences of universe, was at least for me, one of the things I woke up everyday to experience. I always had something innovative I could do with a tissue box  or something I just HAD to write down into a story. It was not only natural for me, but it was something I loved, because I knew there would be people who would be able to feel the same way upon experiencing my creations; there would be people who would take the time and understand.

Lately, it’s been just the opposite, which is probably why I haven’t found the motivation or energy to create a blog post about anything for a very long time.

So why have I decided to do one today?

Well, I woke up today to find the most blue sky ever and the most vibrant painted leaves of autumn.

“The sun is out and I feel like I have so much potential”

I felt refreshed, but I had a feeling that it would be temporary, so I decided to spare some of all of the new energy I have into making a blog post to address this issue before I run out of the necessary resources to.

Let me get some things straight by stating a few things I think contributes to the issue with creativity(of course…. I’m not exactly sure if I can point out the exact source just yet, but here goes..)

And also, they are not all my ideas(although a bunch are)… I’ve had some great teachers 😀

  1. The Education System
  2. Success in society

The education system is something that strives towards objectives with a lack of regard to the natural person. It is a system that is meant to organize information by converting elements such as ability, thinking, and creating into synthetic material such as statistics, which puts such a massive weight or focus on teachers, handlers of all those delicately natural features, to try to make up the most “accurate” summary of a person’s ability.

As I’ve learned in mathematics, you gotta compare apple to apple. Creatures to numbers is a bit of a stretch…

I read this wonderful book called “Scythe” recently. In the book there is a “perfect” society in which death is conquered, so as a result, Scythes, a division of people that are supposed to appeal to the highest moral values, are chosen to kill people without bias in order to maintain the civilization and prevent overpopulation. A few things are emphasized about scythes:

  1. They are NECESSARY
  2. They are for the better good of humanity
  3. They are in charge of the task of putting someone to death

So if a perfect society is one where death is conquered, why must it be necessary for the good of humanity to put someone to death?

Teachers are much like Scythes, because of they are necessary(people need to be educated to live well in society today), they are for the better good of their students, yet they deal with the conversion of living things’ abilities into synthetic data.

To make it work, they must have a serious respect for the natural process and elements of the living, which is so hard to do because the teachers themselves are under the pressure of their unions or organization(I don’t know too much about this.. but I have a feeling that this is correct) to complete curriculum and to finish marking and to assign percentages to their students.

There is so much pressure on everyone to make a system like this work. So much that seems… strange that I smell something fishy. Who is(are) the bastard(s) who is(are) playing with us, their little video game characters?!

See… a problem with life is that it can be held against you. It’s seen as a possession, an owing to society.

And Success in society… that was the second thing I was going to talk about right?(scrolls up*) Oh Yeah..!

There are a few things I don’t really understand about people and how they view success. To make it easier to organize, here’s another list:

  1. The necessity of hard work
  2. Fear of the subjective

So starting with hard work. Why must this be a requirement for people? I think it’s important to develop the patience to do tasks, but not without regard to things that put people in the right place to be able to work hard..etc. I’ve heard WAY TOO MANY inspirational speeches that take an easy way out by just mentioning practice or hard work as the whole solution. Nobody mentions how to get into the state of being able to work hard except to keep trying.

Here’s the thing about trying to gain anything… muscle mass, skill, patience…etc. you don’t just approach the task head on and keep ramming yourself against the wall. You gotta do things a bit differently each time.

In physics, there is a rule that if the same forces in the same circumstance act in the same way, you are going to get the same product, solution… whatever. Now, I know there are always factors that are changing so you might be thinking that my stating of this rule really doesn’t apply, but don’t always be thinking in absolutes.

“There are always possibilities, because there are more cards in play than can be seen”

My point is that it is important to learn how to observe things and use our energy economically and efficiently while maintaining a more free mind. Sometimes, you may have already accomplished the task without your realization of it.  A quote I found from a lot of different books on health in the library:

“You don’t need to be a cardiologist to have a working heart”

A lot of the times, people are just trying to get the work done. They are deprived of space and of freedom to reflect or think about their own circumstances(troubles, contradictions, problems, happiness…etc). Some people just feel trapped. Persistence in hard work(if the goal is trying to get your life back…because it can be held against you), values of speed of completion, time management… sometimes are just as easy way out of hard things.

Now, the last point I was going to bring up in this category(Success in Society) is about the fear of the subjective, but it ties in with the overall topic more than that category, so I might as well just incorporate the two.

Okay, we got a job, we got money rolling in, we are surviving, we have a house, we have enough to pay off tax, loans, whatever… We turn to objectives to organize our life. As mentioned before, objectives can be pretty far from the truth. So why don’t we turn to the subjective?

WAIT NO! That’s going to be ANARCHY!!! Things have to be organized or we are going to be in great danger!

A few questions:

  1. What makes art subjective?
  2. Is art supposed to be subjective?

According to google, subjective means: based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions

Art is subjective because many of us have different reactions to different things we see.

The second question is a bit harder… lets break it down into some smaller categories

  1. Greatness of art
  2. Experience of art

Greatness of art is not subjective in that it is not merely an opinion if it is great. It is great because there is the existence of subjectivity about it; it brings forth the most powerful experiences out of its genius.

I hate the play Macbeth! It sucks!

Cool. Your opinion doesn’t make it less great. Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth stood the test of time. Do you think you can compete?

To conclude, because I’ve been rambling for a very very long time. I’m not even sure that we can support the amount of creativity needed to make huge masterpieces or works. It’s our culture, something everyone is almost always at the mercy of.

I’m  not sure I can offer a solution for the system, or for anyone else but myself at this point. This is a work in progress. I will continue this brainstorm in the future…


What do I want to do when I grow up?

I want to think when I grow up and because that’s probably what I’ve been trapped into doing, I might as well embrace it. Recently, I have landed back on earth after realizing that I thought just like how some others thought, which would make sense as we only have so much we can influence ourselves with. It sounds kind of arrogant, perhaps a little bit too superior than I would have liked to think, but it makes a great contrast with where I’m at, and therefore, I see “progress”.  I used to think a career in the arts was one that was kind of boring, too repetitive, maybe even a little bit useless, but now, I see that position as one that is evolutionary and powerful. I think it fits me because I like to think -a lot- and about a variety of things (I don’t necessarily think about all that is relevant, which I see now as a possible strength). I don’t understand why strange ideas keep coming to my thoughts, but the realization of the bigger picture of that almost makes me feel un-human. The universe will give me the ideas and the thoughts and I shall take up the duty to filter them.

If you ask what specifically I want to be, rather than just a regular thinking creature, I cannot give you a definite answer. Thinking about things, everything just seems a little out of my world. The repetitive nature of our lives make me wonder what really is the absolute and pure use of whatever we do. As my dad puts it, everything is just a concept. He tells me all these fairy tales and Chinese short stories and makes me realize that I am so much more insecure than I initially thought I was. I realized that everything is so backwards and unreal, it makes it kind of scary to think any else the more we get into the habit of executing the things we do. People have different views of everything, and I think it’s kind of stupid when we decide to put all those perspectives into a blender. We are unable to truly taste the pure substance of each ingredient, instead as we take the ingredients apart, we come up with mixed up ideas. Society is a stupid concept. I want to be able to influence people so that we could all think freely, but then again, maybe that isn’t such a great way to put it….I’m going to have to keep thinking.

Watching my mom look at all those Chinese shows about singing, problem solving, and all that buzz creates yet again another insecurity for me. I understand that people are so helplessly addicted to trends and common behavior. The only way for one to truly free people out of their box is to slowly evolve from the habitual thought, to the radical ones, just to provide some kind of pedal point/common ground so we all can understand each other a lot better. That’s why we tend to like people who are more casual/close to ourselves, simply because it feels more normal, more secure, and more content. I tend to lean that way too.

However, from reading(the first few pages…because my french is hilariously horrific) a book my piano teacher recommended,”Lettres à un jeune poète”, I understand that artists have to be confident in what they do, because there will always be critics and that it is important to find your independence, and proper existence. I guess I want to be an artist because I want to find that existence that is so pure.

Now that I have thought for a couple of minutes, I am urged to change my response to the question of career/hobby I may want to lend myself to in my future. Since there is no such thing as a past and future(they are just concepts;we can only live life in the now…if that makes sense), I might as well start doing whatever the heck I want to do now. We creatures don’t live for very long anyways.

The Fight for Equality

(P.S. If you don’t understand what I’m trying to show you, don’t worry. I don’t think my explanations are very clear either. I will post a revised post later)

The worst disturbances are those that distort the possibility of equality. As much as we value opinion, we have yet a greater force to overcome; nature. Those who decide to take action to search for equality are unaware that the answer is them themselves. Those who instantly agree to the fact that nature is exclusively compiled of the “environment” , do not care to process the thought that equality is already achieved, and it will always be achieved.

Nature does not care for us. It is a supernatural force that is taken granted for, because of our perspectives. Truthfully, it is a given when we call life “our world”, that many do not see a bigger space beyond our limited eyesight. Humans live in human-worlds, while birds live in bird-worlds. The farther we go without discovering our disturbances to others, is the road to nowhere, because nature will balance it all out; the more we disturb others, the more we are disturbed. It’s Newton’s third law: “With every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”.  We don’t escape physics, we find new places with different properties.

Honestly, I am scared for myself, because I will always try to take care for myself, but not just for the reason of selfishness. When we talk about nature, the short-term becomes the long-term and vice versa, the long-term becomes the short-term. Soon, it is nature that will overcome everything,thus, it will overcome me. For the reason that “we are all apart of nature”, it is true that in our deaths, we all return to our natural form, the world. For that reason, I also have faith in people because like nature, we are the supernaturals. For that reason only, is why we have to fight for equality.

Is Sexual Orientation decided at birth?

There is always a lot of controversy when it comes to how we live our lives.  It brings to light the differences in common ideas such as the questions of ‘what is bias’ and ‘how are we raised’ .Questions like this tug on the boundaries of confusion and disagreement, but ultimately, the curious nature of humans.

The base of human existence is centered around the concept of self-construction,which is the idea that all our beliefs are ‘constructed’ by ourselves rather than given to ourselves. For example, in sports, the audience for watching the male-version of certain sports(NBA) is much larger than the audience for watching the female-version of the sport(WNBA), because of the stereotype that men are stronger and faster than women, which was a thought that was built on in the medieval times when men exclusively took part in physically demanding activities. That,however, is not the belief associated with ‘new-born’ babies, because when one is born, one does not realize the integrity in the concepts of ‘what is better’ ,simply because they haven’t  been associated with it before. In other words, the ‘bringing-up’ of the perspectives involving sexual orientation grows out of the environment one ‘brings-up’ children.

Similarly, with equality being one of the hottest topics in today’s world, a lot more has changed mentally with the world’s citizens. Producing our ideal ways of life are at the peak of business once the concept of “do whatever makes you happy” is promulgated to the universe. This has proved itself to be a serious concern to those who are trying to maintain the way of life, because the promotion of carelessness is also the promotion of danger(there are always the handful of radicals). “Based on the 2013 NHIS data [collected in 2013 from 34,557 adults aged 18 and over], 96.6% of adults identified as straight, 1.6% identified as gay or lesbian, and 0.7% identified as bisexual. The remaining 1.1% of adults identified as “something else[]” [0.2%,] stated “I don’t know the answer[]” [0.4%] or refused to provide an answer [0.6%].(The Washington Post,2014)”. The numbers have rose and the level of controversy has struck to the point where some people don’t even know their own gender(this is a major indication that gender is ‘constructed’). Now that this different concept of gender has been put out, people have gotten more indecisive.

There are a few things that can be set in stone out of this whole contraption. Firstly, the instability of forces beyond nature,and the importance of maintaining a good environment that harbors open minded individuals. Whether being LGBT is a sin or a normality is beyond our worries, because in a ‘human-made’ world, we always have to be ready to adapt.

High School- The Process of Losing Innocence (Part 1)

Judging by the title, I’m glad you all already know what this article is about; Losing Innocence…….duh.

High School is a time of connection or brutal separation. As the different “groups” of people are more clearly defined, it’s absolutely crucial to remember to be happy, and to put yourself first. As homework builds, assignments are assigned, and exams are taken, the feeling of innocence must always be preserved, because as long as you have a healthy balance between work and life, the easier you maintain happiness.

Some of my friends have decided to follow the very controversial format of having a separation between work and life, but what is not understood, is the justice factor or the realization of “why we do what we do”. Is having such strict boundaries between the two key factors of living: work, and freedom(life), really what is the most effective in achieving success? Honestly, to a certain degree, it is. This strategy can help you to make the most practical solutions to your problems in a logical way(It’s also,in the TV show: “Suits”, how many people who are obsessed with work like to think). It makes people forget that there is that carefree element of magic in life, and as a result, people get depressed. The realization that sees everybody truly as more than just a human and as just a human, is needed to fill in that gap(whether you are missing freedom/work). Work or Freedom alone does not make for a satiable life.

Another thing I’ve noticed throughout this whole process, is the frequent questioning/existential crisis about life. It’s the whole thing about being almost an adult, and having to endure the less desirable parts of life, which is (honestly) scary. It just so happens that (to some) life is a diminuendo into pure nothingness. Well, it’s time to ask ourselves: Was what we went through really worth it?

If you said yes, then keep up the good work! If your answer was no, then start thinking of ways to make yourself believe you are worthy(like we all do, it’s just that when it is more of a problem, it’s more focused on as an unsolvable issue).

I didn’t believe in myself as much as I thought I did(as you read previously about my thoughts on my whole basketball season). I had to practice piano for this festival with a new teacher while teaching my sister, and having this problem where I constantly needed to spit. High School grades were hard to keep up and it was a seriously emotional unstable time. I literally broke down in gym class today, when my P.E. teacher discovered my issues and decided to help me, because I didn’t think I was worthy. I think back to all that has happened and I’m in awe that the thought that “everyone is helping me/not annoyed with me” has never been accepted into my heart(A lot of times, you know what you should be feeling, but you can’t feel that way…). It made me realize….perhaps……..what is stopping me is myself.

If High School is seriously a gory battlefield for you, I totally understand. I’m in grade 9 , but you gotta trust me………I don’t like to go by my grade/age. You have so much time to understand things like I have, and maybe even discover more than I will ever discover.

I think the adventure of life is all in it’s discoveries. If you have crappy grades(in your opinion), it (of course) doesn’t define you. Intelligence isn’t how much you know, but how much you realize.

So, do as you wish! Don’t take life for granted if that would make you discover more stars/magic, but DON’T FORGET to not think about things too much (ooohhh…..double negatives…..yeah….I know….there are probably a lot of grammatical errors……not that I care….or anything)

-Gummy Bear 🙂

Getting a B in Semester One

Yes….Semester one is almost over. The hopes I’ve possessed over the duration of my school year will be crushed. I know they will be crushed, because of what I cannot achieve now.

To cease the common dramatic view on school “world problems”……….I shall just skip to the part I assume is anticipated after all the stupid cliches and stuff: I am most likely getting a B…….in Socials.

First and foremost, It’s neither the result of a defeat in the war of “trying to be at the top,nor is it the result of dislike in the subject. It’s the consequence of carelessness. All that has been dreamt of,or thought of by my very own playlist of thoughts will be shattered after finding out what hard work is.

Quite frankly, the system of life is still hovering over the method of “survival of the fittest”, and that nothing truly gives any thought towards your genuine views of losing a war, because quite frankly (once again), there is no war.

Yet we are pushed to disagree and to agree, but there is nothing similar in opposites. So how does anyone fit in …really?

We are sheets of different fabric, sewn by what comes first: the human hand. Nothing is really unique anymore, so we find magic in little differences. The human face does not look one bit similar if it is off by a millimeter.

So yes, I am most likely going to get a B.  At school, I am a grade 9 student trying to “fit in”.

I am getting a B, but I don’t care. However much I enjoy  being on principal’s list is not equal to my enjoyment of  doing what I’m passionate of.(Is it even possible to have a passion in being the best?)  I like socials, and I will continue to do what I can do.

I’m sorry for whomever I will let down, but to believe that a flaw will let someone down is unthinkable, because there is so much possibility in everything.

If we can find differences in all clones of things, we can find probability in absolute equations.

In the end, there is no end.

For the end

is our end.

My New Years Resolution of 2016

It’s a new year.

I will be back in school in 3 days and almost nothing will be new for me. School overlaps and continues after new year to “replay” the past. The worst events from previous years become exposed and the same existential problems that are linked with being at the top are renewed.

The new year is a time where people try to do better, or to just carry on. It is a reminder of what we have done, and what we have to do to improve. A reminder that shows that “we are not enough”.

It is a reference to what had happened before. People look to the brighter side of things, by looking behind them.

The past cannot be let go.

When I was in elementary school, the world was a fuzzy blue ball that hung out in the milky way. It was full of fuzzy light pink and green all around. Sometimes, rays of sun shine through the cotton candy clouds and I would look up and be okay with everything around me. I lived in a fuzzy world.

High school is the transition and the changing of lenses. Here, everything is much more focused and clear. We have one goal: be successful and to get ready for the future. The goal of being preeminent or surpassing all others becomes a habit and a mindset.

People are all struggling to be at the top. So much so that a single “put down” turns our lives around to an alter ego of elementary school feelings; an alter ego of joy. Everything is a competition to gain individual reputations;everything is a competition to be isolated.

I don’t normally like watching those “cheesy”  movies about some idiotic feelings of love, but I did very recently. I watched a movie called “Our Times” and it brought back the way of life in elementary school. It gave me another glimpse of the past and the happiness of being naive/youth. It was refreshing and I began to develop a new perspective.

So, onto my New Years Resolution.  My goal for 2016 is to try to find joy again and peace at heart. Perhaps to try to relearn how to be naive again.  There’s a quote that states that ” the only thing that matters at the end, is one’s own happiness” and I disagree. I want to feel joy so I can continue with my life and to connect with people again.

“At the end, what matters is that we  find joy together.”


This is an updated list on random stuff I like.


  • Classical music(I didn’t like it much at first, but it’s actually really cool! )
  • Pop(The older types of pop)
  • Instrumental
  • Basically anything that sounds good



  • Pizza
  • My parent’s cooking
  • Lots of other types of food…There’s just too many! I’m going to give up on this one for a while


  • Anything that’s comfortable (I don’t really care that much)


  • Piano is cool!
  • Art
  • Basketball
  • Annoying my sister

School Subjects(so far…it could change anytime)

  • English
  • Socials(History is fun!)
  • Any kind of art(sewing,music,painting,drawing,cooking…etc)
  • P.E(I really like basketball!!!)
  • Everything is pretty cool!


  • Pikachus
  • Guinea pigs
  • Dogs
  • Baymax
  • Minions
  • Yugioh/Pokemon
  • Xbox
  • Nintendo D.S.(If only I could find it)


  • Pride and Prejudice(cool story! I like the plot and stuff, but I couldn’t finish the book yet)
  • Any book from English Class(In the Heat of the Night,The Outsiders….etc )
  • Shakespeare:)(Haven’t read too much Shakespeare, but from what I have read, It’s pretty interesting )
  • Most of the books on our library’s(the one near the Guildford Mall) recommendations list
  • “Hunger Games” type books
  • Diaries(Diary of a wimpy kid,Dork diaries)
  • Geronimo Stilton!!!

Things to do in the Summer

  • Go CAMPING!!!!
  • Piano stuff!!!
  • Lemonade stand!!!
  • Go to the beach!!!
  • Art!!!
  • Pretending I’m a really cool person!!!!!!
  • Going to Playland/grouse mountain!!!
  • Going to the park to play Basketball!!!!!
  • Running around the neighbourhood looking for entertainment!!
  • Youtube!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bothering my friends!!!!
  • Wishing the temperature was cooler!!!
  • Going to BBQs!!!!
  • Playing with my guinea pig and pikachu!!!

Things to do in the Winter

  • Visit Downtown Vancouver and check out decorations
  • My Birthday!!
  • Making things for Santa Claus!!!!!
  • Igloos/Snowforts/snow people!!!
  • ART!!!
  • Go skating!!!
  • Playing in the snow!!!
  • Staying indoors!!!!
  • Playing with my pikachu and guinea pig!!!
  • Worrying about next semester…
  • Eating a lot of food!!!!
  • Running around in the Winter Wonderland and making snow angels in the snow!!!!
  • Getting excited for snow!!!


  • Problem Solving shows(Judge Judy, Jeremy Kyle…etc)
  • Buzzfeed!!!!!
  • Social Experiments
  • Pranks
  • Gaming
  • People playing classical music
  • Guinea pigs
  • Facts(alltime10s….etc)


Wrong in All Directions

Okay…,so imagine it’s thanksgiving right now. You are at a large table with a turkey in front of you,surrounded by family members , and crowded by the gifts brought to the dinner. You’re grateful for what you have.

Lets leave that special moment and imagine yourself outside that house in the chilly autumn air,surrounded by the brilliantly colored leaves and cuddled by yourself on a bench with a blanket. At least you will be warm that night. You’re grateful for what you have, but you look though that window into the house of the thanksgiving party.

Being grateful for things make people look down on others. People are grateful for what they have and are thankful that they are much better off than others. This is one of the side effects of class. Here’s an example: Lets say that three people are climbing a ladder to look at a beautiful view. The first person goes up to the top, the second person goes up to the middle(keeping his space from the man on top), and the last person climbs onto the bottom rung, clearly with no other place to fit in.  The man on top would have the best view because he would’ve been able to see much farther and clearer. He is also able to see the other two men below him. The middle man still would’ve had a view, but it would be partly blocked by the man on top of him. The third man wouldn’t have seen much at all, with both men on top of him blocking him, and looking down on him.

It’s human nature to think highly of one’s self. Being grateful twists that “law” in circles. Being humble/fine with what you have promotes laziness, because you wouldn’t be trying hard to get any better. Being fine with everything you have makes you push less fortunate people down, because the image you’ve made for those people push you up.

The question is: Why is the rich/powerful any better?

Simple answer number one: They are exposed. The ladder example make you see that we all want to be like the person on top. People flaunt their luxuries as attempts to appear on top. Nobody wants to be the bottom guy. Yet, when you look at ladders similar to the one with rungs, The guy on top is free as a bird, but he would’ve fallen down without the help of the other two guys who kept that ladder steady. We all build upon our rich, and not just the rich/powerful men and women, we build on the better features of ourselves as well.

Society tells people they have to be thin and fit. Those who are that way are made fun of by others who want the same reputation. Those people build/stabilize their own ladder. People who say that all body types are beautiful build on their own ladder. Yet, these people are all too concerned about being beautiful like others. People are afraid of thinking any different.

What about people who display their “uniqueness” . They have pride for being themselves, and receive praise for not caring what  other people think. Then there’s another question: Do these people NOT care about getting better? Do these people think they’re perfect?

I’ll repeat it again: It’s human nature to think of one’s self highly and to get pride from being unique from people humans think are less.

Being different is cool, it would be pretty dang boring if everyone in the world were basic bitches, but there’s a good and bad thing about being basic, which leads me to a previous point; the bad and good of being humble/fine.

Now that you’ve read all this, you might be thinking that humans are a pretty screwed up species.

We are pretty blind as many of us are raised looking out the same window. That having a big house is good;that whatever happens, the most important thing is to just be happy…etc What we aren’t interested in however is change. We  lack innovation/ideas…….that’s what all those news articles keep talking about; the bad side of fitting in, the bad side of staying different………………the bad side of criticism, and the bad side of humans.

We are trapped in a world we can’t change. Where people own the earth and climb on the backs of other humans;where we are destroying are planet;where people are helping others;where we are making things for better life in our futures; where we will destroy each other.(There are tons of others….just listing a few)

“Life is as good as you imagine it to be.”

“Life is as bad as you imagine it to be.”

Only one of these is true.