Hey guys! Welcome to “The Life of the Gummy Bear”!

My name is Georgia. I am the gummy bear and if you’re wondering how I got that nickname, it was the first food item(or edible foodlike substance -from the book, Food Rules -An Eaters Manual) that popped into my 12 year old brain. So yes, as uncool as that seems, I did give a nickname to myself. It just seemed very spontaneous that it popped up in my brain at the time so…. it can be cool:)

The Life of a Gummy Bear is an adventure through time and space, with me -your adorable gummy bear tour guide. It is a peek into my world and my experiences. This is a place that cares less about contradictions, but more about ideas and processes, so relax and let’s lie back and watch the clouds go by as little monsters!

I am very open to your experiences too; this ain’t all about me! We can explore the world together! Comment what you want, and give me suggestions on content. There is a fresh world out there to explore, and as gummy bears, we’ll always be open to possibilities through the universe. There are parts of life that everyone can connect to and experience no matter when and where you are. This is why gummy bears don’t expire:)

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